Vox Explains Where Movie Babies Come From

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Well, when a movie mommy and a movie daddy love each other very much they — wait, what? Not that kind of movie baby. Vox — in case you were curious — broke down just what it takes to get a baby actor into a movie, and all the strange twists, turns, and very, very low pay involved. For example, did you know that because babies can’t speak they’re only paid $400 a day? That stinks, I mean — it’s more than I made as a baby, but still!

    Then Vox gets into the cream of the crop. You know it. You love it. Say it with me — ROBOT BABIES! When you need a baby for too many hours you get robot babies. They don’t cry — unless you program them too! And, they will never rise up and destroy humanity — unless you program them too. Oh heck yeah!

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