Lego Star Destroyer SMASHED By Rocket Sled

67 mph of pure smashed Star Wars Legos!
By Alex Firer
  • Look, all of my Star Wars entries now? They’re going to be loaded with plot spoilers, my man! Vague spoilers, but spoilers. I’ll even throw in fake ones just to throw you off. Like the pregnant Porg who gives birth to baby Yoda? Or when Watto said: “Hey, he’s making America great again,” but he said it about Dobbu Scay?! (Look, even people who saw the movie don’t know who Dobbu Scay is, read about Dobbu Scay here). Anyway, this video is a spoiler in and of itself, a teaser of one of The Last Jedi’s best scenes. I won’t say which. Okay. Here I go — it’s when [SPOILER] that lady done smashed up that there space boat!

    Watch the video created by David Windestal above! He built a 3,152 piece Star Destroyer, propped it onto a robot sled and zoomed it into a wall on a 67 mph robot sled. And, according to my research, the darned thing went karpoosh pew pew!

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