Apple Admits iOS Updates Slow Down Old Phones

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  • I can be so careful when it’s time to update my gentle Apple iPhone 6S. That poor soul has seen me through the years, and by darn it, I don’t want the old boy to grow obsolete! I also don’t want the poor dear to become sickly and old! Well, if you thought you were imagining your phone getting slower — you were imagining nothing! It IS getting slower — slower with every update it turns out, and not by accident!

    Ooo! Apple! You capitalist scoundrel scum! Coming between me and my $500! I was going to pay some, but not all, of my rent with that! Apple! You baron robbers run amuck! Apple! How dare you crush my poor little baby like so? Do you know how many people I texted on you? How much Super Mario Go! I played on you? Apple! How could you! Anyway, here is their official explanation of this entire awful thing.

  • Alright, so it’s to preserve the battery. But, a lot of users point out — can’t they just let US choose?! And Alex points out — can’t they just live forever? Who’s Alex? I’m Alex! Make my iPhone live forever, darn it!

    What do you think? Is an iPhone update worth a slow phone? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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