VIDEO: “Ugly Sweater” Winner Plays Carol of the Bells on Clothes

I love, love, love this video.
By Alex Firer
  • Carol of the Bells

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  • Gang, what does it mean for a sweater to be ugly? What means the ugliness of a sweater be? Maybe it is in the texture, maybe it is in the amount of design on the poor thing, or maybe, just maybe — there is no true ugly sweater! For the talent and soul an ugly sweater has could be in infinite value. Such as this sweater! It plays Carol of the Bells using a bunch of bells! Isn’t that the best? I think it’s the best.

    This woman won the office Christmas party with her mind-melting sweater which played Carol of the Bells, easily the most haunting Christmas song out there — using a bunch of actual bells, each one calibrated to play a different note. It’s gorgeous, and the drab office setting only emphasizes what makes this holiday, this season, this sweater, and even YouTube itself so special.

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