Cheating Boyfriends Exposed on Hidden Camera

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  • A woman decided to put her boyfriends to the test with a secret camera and the temptation of a flirty model… and the result was NOT what she expected.

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  • The unnamed woman was a participant in a recent episode of “To Catch a Cheater” on YouTube, who helped her spy on her two boyfriends — Steve, and Darnell. That’s right, two boyfriends! How can she be worried about them cheating on her with another woman, if she’s already cheating on them with another man?

    Nevertheless, she was determined to see whether Steve or Darnell were more worthy of being her “one true boyfriend.”

    The clip begins with Steve waiting in a park for his girlfriend — not knowing she’s secretly watching him the entire time — and then a hot model actress comes up to him and starts flirting. The conversation starts flowing, but Steve fails to mention he has a girlfriend. The worst part? He gives the model a fake name — “Michael.”

    Then, the big test comes: She asks him directly, if he’d want to hang out over the weekend, and if he has a girlfriend. Without hesitation, Steve says he’s single and gives her his number. But, wait. It gets better. Steve decides to ask if she’ll be expecting payment — in other words, he thinks she’s a prostitute!

    Horrified, the girlfriend realizes that Steve is a cheater, so one boyfriend down, one to go!

    Next up is Darnell, who was previously in the military — so he probably has more loyalty, right?

    Darnell is put in the same situation, but this time the actress is wearing even more revealing clothes — a tiny pencil skirt and a crop top. The actress comes out firing, calling him “gorgeous,” asking if he’s a model. But good ol’ Darnell, he doesn’t take the bait. He says straight up that he has a girlfriend, but that’s when the actress initiates phase two — a direct offer of sex.

    Darnell, however, maintains his loyalty and finally tells her “no.” But our man Darnell is nobody’s fool, and once he realizes he’s being played, he gets up and walks away.

    Now you’d think, the unnamed girlfriend would immediately dump Steve and commit to Darnell, right? Wrong! She is STILL unimpressed with Darnell and ends up choosing Steve because he’s “fucking good in bed.”

    What is wrong with this girl? She definitely doesn’t deserve Darnell!

    So what did you think? Would you date any of these people? How do you think your boyfriend or girlfriend would do on this show? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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