Cole Sprouse Gets Dylan Sprouse Anatomical Penis Poster for Christmas

"Whatvhell am I going to do with a huge poster of a bisected penis."
By Alejandra Moedano
  • Look, sometimes when you’re brothers, you gotta goof with each other. And what better time is there for good-natured goofing than the “holiday season,” where the gifts you give showcase how you feel about a person, how much you care about a person, and whether or not you think that person should look at an old-time picture of an anatomical penis. I mean, that’s what Cole Sprouse, that star of stage, screen, and Jughead got for his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse!

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  • Now the questions remain — what is Dylan going to do with the penis poster? Will he study it and become a world-famous urologist? Will it inspire a lifelong passion for the dick drawing arts? Will he put it in the trash? I’ll bet he’ll just put it in the trash!

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