Call of Duty “Swatting” Prank Leads to Death of 28 Year Old

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Tragedy has struck a Kansas home after a swatting ‘prank’ by a Call of Duty player resulted in the death of a 28 year old man. For those unaware of the term, “swatting” is a supposed prank where a video game player, angry at another player for whatever reason, calls a SWAT team to their house. The act is obviously an abusive act using the police to assault citizens. Here, it has resulted in the death of a 28 year old man named Andrew Finch.

The police’s statement states that they recieved a call stating that a man has killed his father by accident and now he was holding the family hostage. The “swatter” gave the police the wrong adress, and when Andrew approached to open the door the police immediately shot him. Andrew was unarmed at the time.

This awful event raises a lot of terrible questions we must portend with. The first, and most importantly, why would the police shoot an unarmed man without first attempting a peaceful resolution? This could have been avoided with a short conversation and instead resulted in horrible violence and death. The second is, what is going on that swatting is such a common occurence we have a name for it — and what can SWAT teams, the figure of authority, do to avoid them being misled like this again? Lastly our thoughts are with the family, and we hope that steps are being taken from stopping and incident like this from happening again.

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