Louis Tomlinson Wonders Where Bands Are at Coachella, Gets Asked Where One Direction Is

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  • Tomilson

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  • Imagine you’re Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. You know. A real so and so. And you see the Coachella lineup — and oh my goodness what a lineup! We got Eminem, we got Migos — these are incredible musicians! What’s your problem, Tomlinson? Formerly of the broken-up, super popular band One Direction?! I ask you, what is the issue here, Louis Tomlinson? Of formerly together, but not together anymore at all, band One Direction? I ask you!

  • Ah. Not enough bands. Got it. Well, the response to this tweet was so beautifully uniform — so together in its vision — as they got together to try to get answered the question — then where the heck is One Direction, smart guy?! You want to put more bands in this lineup? Put One Direction in there!

  • Boy, oh boy, Tomlinson. I don’t know about this. You go reform One Direction, then we’ll see.

    What do you think of Tomlinson complaining about Coachella, yet doing nothing to get One Direction back together, as is his royal responsibility as a man we yelled at on Twitter? Let us know in the comments and go follow us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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