What’s Going On With This Insane 4chan Trump Conspiracy Theory?

When Trump is drinking water weird is he actually... sending signals? This conspiracy theory seems to think so!
By Alex Firer

  • The era of Fake News is a strange one. The same folks who shout “don’t trust the mainstream media!” also seem to fall for every wacko conspiracy theory that comes their way. Now, a new theory is gaining popularity on Reddit and Twitter, and it’s possibly the craziest conspiracy theory yet.

    It’s called “The Storm,” a catch-all term for a number of different conspiracy theories that all link together from an anonymous source who claims to have Q clearance, the highest level of clearance in the US government — hence the source’s alias, “Q-anon,” aka the “Q Clearance Patriot.”

    The big idea is that Trump is actually not under investigation for collusion with Russia for tampering during the 2016 presidential election — the investigation is actually a cover for the true targets, namely Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It’s a lot of conspiracy theories about establishment figures connecting them to illegal rings to Satan — with the idea that Trump is coming in to save us from them. At least that’s the conspiracy theory that uhh… isn’t true.

    Trump’s faults are thrown into the mix too — as positives. For example, Trump’s inability to open a water bottle isn’t because he’s an uncoordinated doofus. It’s because Fiji is part of the conspiracy! And Trump’s grammar isn’t poor because he’s lazy or dumb. No, it’s actually because he’s a super genius playing 4-dimensional chess with his enemies and passing notes that only #MAGA red-pill-red-hats can see.

    Unfortunately, these conspiracy theories have real-world consequences. For example, Pizzagate was a baseless conspiracy theory that people laughed at, but it led to real-world tragedy — a young man stormed a restaurant with an assault rifle to ‘free’ children he thought were being held there. In June, the 29-year-old was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

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