Jeff Sessions Announces Plans to Rescind Marijuana Legalization Laws

By Alex Firer
Famed perjurer and attorney general Jeff Sessions has announced plans to roll back the Obama era memo allowing states to decide whether or not weed is legal.
  • Remember this next time any republican even dares to utter a word about states rights. Even dares. Even lets the words roll out of their tongue by accident.

    Only a few days after a CNN reporter went to Colorado in order to show off the lax marijuana laws by smoking from a bong on television, Jeff Sessions announced plans to rescind the “Cole memo” — a memo stating that marijuana laws — while federal laws proclaim marijuana is illegal, states can decide whether or not to enforce those laws. As a result, states such as Colorado, Massachusetts, and California have severely relaxed their marijuana laws — with more to come. This is a step in the right direction as our prisons have been overwhelmed by people arrested for marijuana-related infringements — most of them people of color. Additionally, marijuana has been legalized for medicinal reasons — and slowly recreational, due to the fact that it is harmless. However, attorney general Jeff Sessions has announced that he plans to turn all of this progress around.

    Sessions claims he is examining a “rational” policy, but it’s hard to disassociate his desire to recriminalize marijuana with his historic racism — as so many marijuana laws impact black citizens so much more than white ones. It is part of the Trump administration’s ongoing friendliness with white supremacist groups that makes his administration so — to put it absurdly mildly — troubling. Here’s hoping Jeff Sessions’ undoubtedly soon to be disastrous decision is turned around quickly by whoever replaces him as soon as imaginably possible.

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