Danielle Bregoli Calls Logan Paul’s Infamous Video Disgusting

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  • Danielle Bregoli — aka the Cash Me Ousside Girl— had harsh but very accurate words about Logan Paul’s now infamous video of him going into Japan’s suicide woods, finding a dead body, filming it, and laughing. And I imagine she does! Logan Paul’s decision to go into the suicide woods for “content,” and then finding a dead body and using it for light entertainment like a kid poking something with a stick has shown a light on the tastelessness that can exist online and shown Logan Paul in a light he may not want to be seen in. Danielle Bregoli called the act disgusting and mentioned that pretending you’re talking and laughing at a dead guy is “crossing the line.”

    By the way, keep in mind — Logan Paul is a 22 year old adult, and Danielle Bregoli is 14 years old.

    When the TMZ host asked Bregoli if it means anything that he says he was trying to bring attention to suicide, Bregoli replies in the negative, and when Logan Paul’s apology is brought up, Bregoli asks: “If you kill someone and apologize for it does that make it okay!?”

    So there you go. In case you were curious, the teenager known as the Cash Me Ousside girl has much more empathy than Logan Paul (for anyone keeping Marvel Guidebook style RPG ranks on this thing).

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