Viral Supercut Shows Logan Paul’s Visit to Japan was Bad From the Start

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  • By now, you’ve all heard how Logan Paul’s video visiting the suicide forest in Japan has garnered him a lot of criticism for you know — using a suicide as a prop and laughing at it and such. This caused him to take a break from YouTube in order to reflect. But as Twitter user @WeTheUnicorns points out, the visit was problematic from the start, and more than a little bit disrespectful. Although Logan Paul’s videos and adventures in the United States have garnered him many fans, in this video we see him trying to catch animals while dressed as a Pokémon (itself laden with a very ‘this is one of the few things we know about Japan’ vibe), harassing fish in a koi pond, and having run-ins with the Japanese police, all while dressed in a face mask and a kimono. It’s not a great look.

    The video, with its culturally disrespectful overtones, and its harassment of Japanese citizens, has only pushed Logan Paul further in mainstream culture to be seen as a figure that needs to make changes. Much like PewDiePie, Logan Paul commands a great influence on YouTube itself, and his decisions can make it more difficult to work as a YouTube creator in the near future.

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