This IKEA Ad Doubles as a Pregnancy Test

By Alex Firer
IKEA wants pregnant women to pee on their ad.
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  • I once built an IKEA bed that just could not stay together. It was the slats. I just couldn’t stay comfortable on those six wooden things that were meant to keep the mattress in the frame. Anytime I would try to get comfortable, the whole thing would fall apart and every time it was scary as hell. I would fall to the floor like Little Nemo and would be terrified every time. It was terrible! This is my roundabout way of saying — I don’t know how I feel about this ad asking a pregnant woman to pee on it to get a discount on a crib! I don’t know you guys…

    An ad for IKEA — seen above — gives you a discount on a crib when you urinate on it and it tests positive. So, if you want to pee on an IKEA catalog in order to save a couple bucks on something, do it. Here’s a thought, IKEA. Just give pregnant women the crib! Don’t be massive pee-based weirdos about the whole thing.

    Unless it was designed for bloggers like me to talk about how weird it is, in which case — kudos you freaking mutants. Now, for your next ad, please don’t make anyone pee on it. And, if you’re a person who thinks they might be pregnant and are too nervous to buy a test… boy have I got the catalog for you.

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