VIDEO: Harvey Weinstein Slapped in Face in Arizona Restaurant

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  • Look, none of us can say Harvey Weinstein has been adequately punished. Sure, he doesn’t have his career as a movie mogul anymore, but the right punishment for an uncountable amount of rapes and sexual assaults is — you know — jail. Since that’s not happening though, we have to take the karma we can get for now, which would be — some sweet slapping action. When Harvey Weinstein was with his “sober coach,” a drunk male patron came up and slapped him across the face. TWICE. Oh, good readers — it was beautiful.

    Like the infamous Richard Spencer punch, watching Harvey Weinstein get slapped across his shitty rapist face is very satisfying. It’s the first we’ve seen of this guy out and about since the accusations took root, so this is very lovely. Let’s just watch him get slapped again and again.

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