Jake Paul Continues to Build Off YouTube With Product Launch at CES 2018

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  • YouTube star and entrepreneur, Jake Paul unveiled a product at CES 2018 that he is incredibly excited about — the Monet.

    The Monet is a designer phone case that will make your phone easier to use. It comes with a special handle that also doubles as a stand for all the selfie addicts and vloggers out there!

    From his influencer brand Team 10 to merch and sold out pop up shops, this is just one of the many additions to Paul’s entrepreneurial plate. The key part of his growing empire is pure hustle as he shared. He noted that he might not be the most talented creator but he will work harder than anyone– which is clear from his results. “I want to be able to spread awareness for products that I love… and building brand and IP and assets I can get behind… and get them to an audience,” he adds is a key part of his empire. The Jake Paul Monets will be available in stores like Target soon!

  • Beyond products, he also recently announced the Edfluence course which promises to help you find out how to be a successful influencer with over 40 hours of instructional videos.

    The program is introduced in this video posted on the site where Paul takes viewers through the road of becoming a social media star in ten easy steps. And it isn’t just all about discovering how you can get the most views — it’s about discovering what makes you special and unique. As his Team 10 talent explain—

    Edfluence is about providing the most comprehensive education for influencers, while empowering and helping those who are passionate about social media, turn that passion into a professional career that can potentially impact the world in a meaningful way.

    So if you’re interested in learning how to become a social celebrity, all you’ll need to dish out is $7 for the first course, and $57 for the entire thing.

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