Nude Restaurant Opens Up in France

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  • Have you ever been out to dinner with friends & family and thought, “the only thing that would make this better is if we were all naked?” That’s the idea behind the first nudist restaurant in Paris.

    Paris is a top destination for nudists, with nearly 500 outdoor nudist beaches and campsites. In that context, maybe it’s not too shocking that a nudist restaurant exists — and is a hit.

    It’s called O’Naturel (yes, really) — the brainchild of twin brothers Stephane and Mike Saada who, while not nudists themselves, realized that a restaurant for nudists could be successful.

    Nudists are afforded privacy in the restaurant with a large curtain covering the windows so that passers-by can’t gawk from the sidewalk. Once you enter O’Naturel, you’re taken to a changing room where you strip fully naked. You’re also required to turn in your phone to prevent diners from taking photos of other customers.

    They give you slippers for your feet, and then… that’s it.  You’re in a restaurant where everyone is naked. Except for the owners (who are also the waiters), required by law to remain dressed.

    Otherwise, the only fabric in the room are the tablecloths and napkins. And I know you’re wondering, and yes — the black chair covers are changed between sittings. THANK GOD.

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