VIRAL PIC Leads to Overdue Arrest of Yakuza Crime Boss

Finally — Internet virality used in the name of criminal justice.
By Alex Firer
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  • You ever see a picture so good you just have to share and have it go viral? You ever share a pic that goes viral so fast it leads Japanese authorities on the trail of a Yakuza boss who has been in hiding for fourteen years and has now been unearthed? Well, that’s exactly what happened when a photo of an old man’s incredibly tattooed back managed to be identified by police after it went viral on social media.

    The man was 72-year-old Shigeru Shirai, and after the photo went viral, the police identified his location and captured him in the Thai town of Lopburi. I can only hope the same is done to my true viral Internet enemies — I’m talking… doge. When will the Internet’s virality machine take down doge?

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