Swim in Coolness as Bruce Lee Re-Edited to Use Lightsabers

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  • Now is this cool, or is this cool? After being inspired by a piece of fan art showing Bruce Lee about to face off with a bunch of lightsabers wielding Sith, editor Patrick Nan decided — hey, this was extremely cool — and thus edited lightsabers to Bruce Lee’s 1972 film “Fists of Fury”. Now we see what was once a samurai sword replaced with a lightsaber, with it nicking Bruce Lee’s skin (something not even the Star Wars films have shown us yet), and when Bruce Lee whips out his nunchucks, guess what folks? They’re LIGHTSABER NUNCHUCKS. Have you ever experienced such coolness?

    But gang, Bruce Lee is the best, that’s the one fact that cannot be ignored, and yet — this fact has disappeared into the shadows! If something gets us to talk about the greatness of Bruce Lee for a day — even if it’s a Star Wars tied into thing — then folks, I am happy.

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