So Who Are The 40 Superheroes Who Appear in One Scene in Avengers: Infinity War?

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  • Look, we are human, we are flesh and blood, our blood has been infused with the power of any rumors or whatnot for the upcoming Marvel films, Avengers: Infinity War. The movie is supposed to be the final say on the last decade of Marvel movies —and given just how much cultural capital these films have had, it’s going to be quite a bit of say! In fact, as Anthony Mackie — the actor best known right now for playing Captain America’s best friend Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon, said — there is a scene with at least forty superheroes battling in it at once. FORTY. For some reference, the bight airport fight scene that took our breath away in Captain America: Civil War had eleven heroes and I recall my brain melting out of my head quite a bit watching that.

    But who ARE the heroes in question? Who are the forty Marvel Cinematic Heroes we hope to see! Well for one, we know we have… (ahem)

    1. Black Panther

    2. Hulk

    3. The Vision

    4. Captain America

    5. Falcon

    6. Winter Soldier

    7. Thor

    8. Valkyrie

    9. Black Widow

    10. Loki

    11. Hawkeye

    12. Iron Man

    13. War Machine

    14. Ant-Man

    15. Wasp

    16. Spider-Man

    17. Gamora

    18. Rocket Raccoon

    19. Drax

    20. Star Lord

    21. Groot

    22. Nebula

    23. Mantis

    24. Dr. Strange

    25. Wong

    26. Nakia

    27. Okoye

    28. Heimdall

    SO look those are all the obvious ones I could name. Everyone from the Avengers, everyone who’s a part of Black Panther’s posse, everyone who’s a part of Thor’s gang — but twenty seven does not forty make! Could it be that Anthony Mackie was exaggerating! Could it be he was rounding! NAY! I declare! I want to figure out who the other twelve characters are! Let’s see, let’s count in some humans.

    29. Nick Fury

    30. Sharon Carter

    31. Maria Hill

    32. Hank Pym

    And look — we can assume Captain Marvel is going to be making her very secret debut at some point in the movie. And yeah, I know, it’s probably going to be after the credits, but folks. Maybe not!? Let’s count her in.

    33. Captain Marvel

    OKAY so. We need seven more. Do I have to guess how I’ll be shocked now! Will Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist be making an appearance? Maybe! But what if… what if… the paperwork on that Fox Merger moved so quickly… that… 34-40 will be

    34-37. The Fantastic Four

    38-40. IDK A Bunch of X-Men?

    Yeah! Forty characters! I can count… real high folks.

    Who do you think will be making an appearance? Anyone obvious I missed on my list? Let us know and for more Internet Culture visit us at @WhatsTrending.

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