Honest Trailer Does Up Stephen King’s “It”

They thank "It" for crippling the clown industry and more!
By Alex Firer
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • When a movie we love comes out, we can always count on Honest Trailers to bring us back to Earth to remind us: “Well, this stuff was weird, right?” But, I bet it can’t do that with “It.” No sir! Not the Stephen King based clown movie that gave us so many scares, chills, geat story and a meme where Pennywise the Dancing Clown was dating the Babadook! And yet… here they are!

    But what do Honest Trailers have to say about “It?” Honestly they liked… “It.” Their points of joke-a-tude (still better than “chucklelicious,” the word Richie used in Stephen King’s original book version of this whole thing) are about the kids’ constant screaming (but I’d scream too if a clown tried to eat me), the changing nature of what the threat of Pennywise means (again, who am I to argue with a killer clown on how he wants to kill me) and about how little Mike had to do in the movie (okay, that I completely agree with — plus Mike was so important in the book). There’s a lot to chew on and love in this trailer, and you should check it out.

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