Could a Smiling Laptop Holding Kanye Mean More Music or Are Fans Crazy?

Photos of a smiling Kanye leaving his car have left the Internet shook — and they should. New music or no new music, he's looking great!
By Alex Firer
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  • Is this what a rare a photo of a smiling Kanye is like? Or, is this how hungry we are for a new Kanye album?! That even after we see a photo of the man smiling and holding a laptop after the birth of his third child, we just go on and assume that something must be up! Kanye wouldn’t just… carry a laptop for nothing? I don’t know, but he does have a striking look. No wonder this photo is delighting everyone. Kanye West — looking incredible just holding a MacBook and leaving his car. Good old Kanye.

    But why’s Kanye getting all this attention! I carried a laptop this morning, and you know what I did? I wrote this entry! And, was I smiling? Well… I did have a mischievous “devil-may-care” look smeared all over my quite fetching visage — but that’s never here nor there! I think at its heart, we like seeing these photos because we like seeing Kanye happy. Kanye has brought us so much joy, and he, unfortunately, always seems tortured. Tortured by stuff like, what Kimmel had to say about leather jogging pants and probably about shaking hands with Trump a year ago. That was wild, right?

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