SpikeTV’s Twitter Guy Goes Out With a Bang

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  • Some would say given the current social/political climate, right now would actually be the best time to say — rebrand SpikeTV — The Network for Men. In fact, given the current climate — some would say every network is sort of a network for men. But that none-withstanding, Spike TV is about to rebrand itself by becoming The Paramount Network. Well, you think SpikeTV is going to just fade into the distance? No sir! You think a toxic male force is just going to leave quietly? Nope. Look and behold — Spike TV’s social media guy having a weird snarky meltdown as he quietly shuffles off into the sunset!

  • So… it’s probably just a bit. A bit that finally lets the Men’s Channel acknowledge what we’ve all known forever — making fun of SpikeTV is very, very funny.

    What do you think of this super silly —probably planned —social media meltdown? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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