What It’s Like in the Coldest Town on Earth

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  • It’s been a brutal winter for most of us — but has it been “-60°C” cold? -60°C is how cold it gets on a regular basis in Oymyakon — a tiny Russian village that’s known as the coldest town on Earth.

    It seems pretty insane that anyone would choose to live in Oymyakon, but the northern Siberian town is called home by about 500 people. They proudly call themselves “The Pole of Cold.”

    Oymyakon is so cold that many people experience their eyelashes freezing… right off their face. But, who knows? Snow-lashes seem like they could be the next big Instagram trend.

    Even wearing glasses is dangerous, but not just for the fogging. They can literally also get stuck to your face.

    Aside from freezing eyelashes and glasses, there are many, many other things you have to deal with living in this kind of weather.

    Indoor plumbing is impossible with frozen ground, so all the toilets are outhouses. Plumbing needs to be checked by services like this plumbing repair in Edmonds, WA and see if they’re working. And, how about the fact that planes can’t fly into the area in the winter, so residents are pretty much stranded until summer? Cars need heated garages, and if they’re outside they have to be kept running otherwise they’ll just die and never restart.

    And, because the ground is frozen, residents can’t grow crops. The population survives on mostly meats. Oh, and vodka. Lots of vodka.

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