Action Comics #1000 Gives Superman Back His Red Underwear

If you loved the classic look Superman, you're in luck!
By Alex Firer
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  • Good news fans of classic comics milestones, and fans of sweet red briefs alike — the upcoming Action Comics #1000 — the historic issue of the first original comic book which introduced Superman to the masses in the late 30’s —is coming out, and the cover, drawn by the all important Jim Lee — hints at the comeback of a big part of Superman’s accoutrements. Folks. The red briefs are returning.

    It’s been a stressful few years for fans of Superman’s classic look, as The New 52 — the 2011 linewide reboot which tried to edgify the characters to minimal success — took away his classic trunks and replaced them with a more futuristic look. It’s doubtful the look was ever meant to be for the long term, but it was the look used in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” and Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s “Justice League,” so it was around to annoy the public for a hot second.

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  • Well, your hot second is over Superman’s garbage bad costume, and so we welcome back Superman’s old costume… almost. What’s with the little glove things? Yikes! Anyway, probably, more importantly, the issue will include stories from Tom King and drawn by Clay Mann and Jordie Bellaire, the first DC story from Marvel ex-pat Brian Michael Bendis with art from Jim Lee, Brad Melzer will do a story with John Cassaday and Laura Martin, Louise Simonson will team up with Jerry Ordway, Scott Snyder will work with Tim Sale, Paul Dini (creator of Harley Quinn) will work with Jose Garcia Lopez, Series regulars Peter Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason will contribute a story, Dan Jurgens will write and draw one and original Superman movie director Richard Donner will re-team with Geoff Johns and release a story with Oliver Coipel.

    Phew! That’s a lot of names, but who cares about names! The important thing is this child’s character will remain unchanged, allowing me to continue to not feel the weight of my own mortality on my shoulders.

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