Tracee Ellis Ross May Limit Appearances on Black-ish Unless Gender Pay Gap is Disputed

Her actor's salary is less than that of her co-star, Anthony Anderson.
By Alex Firer
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  • In the world of entertainment, great strides right now are being made just in the fact that we’re clearly talking about the many abuses women suffer in the entertainment industry. One abuse left undiscussed is the gender wage gap between women and men. Just today, the situation was discussed when it was revealed Mark Wahlberg made almost eight times as much his co-star Michelle WIlliams. Tracee Ellis Ross — who plays Rainbow on Black-ish — has announced she will be doing fewer episodes of the show unless her pay is brought up to the level of what Anthony Anderson — who plays the patriarch Dre on the show — is making.

    Tracy Ellis Ross is even looking for extra shows to make her income come up to what Anderson is making. Here’s hoping ABC pays Tracy Ellis Ross what she’s worth. The Emmy winning actress is the glue of the show, and acting wise, easily its most shining light. Beyond that — women should be paid as much as men. That it’s the 21st century and we’re still saying this is humiliating for the human race, and here’s hoping we show this great actress — and frankly women in the professional world — the financial respect they deserve.

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