Kylie Jenner Covers Stomach in Calvin Klein Ad

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  • Oh, Kylie. Don’t you know hiding your stomach with a blanket is only going to further pregnancy rumors?

    Since news first came out of Kylie’s possible pregnancy with boyfriend Travis Scott, the reality star has made it a point to stay out of the public eye. Sources have said the pair are “trying to enjoy this time for themselves,” and want to “keep it private as long as they can,” and while that is completely understandable… Kylie — your fans just need to know!

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  • Many thought Keeping Up With the Kardashians would be the perfect platform to announce the news — as Khloé did — and then there was the annual Christmas card. Kim and Kourtney teased their Instagram followers with several Christmas snapshots before the big reveal — many of which believed would show a pregnant Kylie Jenner. But, did it happen? Sadly, no.

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  • Having been under the radar for so long, the Internet was surprised to see Kylie Jenner pose alongside her sisters in a Calvin Klein ad. Check it out below.

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  • Kim Kardashian West posted the picture to Twitter with the caption — “Nothing better than working with my family! Honored to be shot alongside my sisters for the new CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR & CALVIN KLEIN JEANS global campaign. Thank you @calvinklein — Our Family. #MYCALVINS. #ad

    As you can imagine, many were quick to call out Kylie Jenner for choosing to cover her stomach. Why, Kylie? What are you hiding?

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  • This, however, was not the only photo in question. If Kylie wasn’t shown hiding behind a blanket, she was sure to stay covered up in denim. Check out the photo below.

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  • So, my fellow Kardashian/Jenner fans… the wait continues. Is Kylie really pregnant? What is going on? The clues are getting to be a bit much!

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