Why Jason Momoa Struggled to Get Work After Game of Thrones

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  • For actors and actresses alike, experiencing great success in certain shows and/or movies can be a good thing, but — it can also be a bad thing.

    Consider the cast of the insanely popular Harry Potter series. While Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, for example, have gone on to star in several feature films, one thing is certain — they will always be seen as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, respectively.

    When actors and actresses find themselves in this situation, it’s hard to get out — how will they ever book another job?

    That same fear of being jobless in Hollywood is one that actor Jason Momoa recently experienced, but for a completely different (and hilarious) reason.

    In a recent interview, Momoa sat down with Jimmy Fallon to discuss why it was so hard to get work after starring in HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones. Check out the clip below.

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  • Were casting directors only seeing Khal Drogo in Momoa? Nope. Turns out his portrayal of the Game of Thrones character gave many the impression he didn’t know how to speak English. As crazy as that sounds, it’s true. Momoa explained the situation saying —

    Yeah, not a lot of people thought I spoke English. It was very challenging. It’s like, ‘What do you do with Drogo?’ You’re not gonna put him in a comedy, you’re not gonna put him in a romantic… you know what I mean? It’s pigeonholed.

    Luckily, Momoa was able to move past the ‘Does he speak English?’ thing by landing the role of Aquaman and starring in the Netflix co-produced drama, Frontier.

    Overall, the segment was incredibly fun. Between fangirling over Jimmy Fallon and The Roots and revisiting “deceiving” Instagram videos, Momoa most certainly charmed the crowd. Did I mention he also wants to host Saturday Night Live? Let’s make that happen!

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