Internet Hypnotized by Comically Cruel Platforming Game

You try to run from the spikes, but they just keep following you!
By Alex Firer
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  • Difficult games have been making a come back as of late, with many programmers attempting to imitate the pulse poundingly, cruelly punishing difficulty levels of the NES games of old. But guys — maybe this is too much, right? There’s no reason to try to make any of us quietly cry into our hands at the game just seeming like an approximation of what hell might feel like, right? In any case, here we are with this video of an 8-bit platformer that is — incredibly funny as the universe around the tiny exploring platforming character does the most to try to conquer his landscape.

    You try to jump over a spike? That spike is going to come for you. You try to run from the spike? The ceiling drops down on you. You run from the ceiling? Don’t worry there are new spikes there but don’t even think about running from them because they will chase you. Then, the obvious question arises. What the heck is this game? Is it a real game or just some kind of a cruel joke? And, where can I play it? I want to laugh at my little character being destroyed time and time again.

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