TRENDING NOW: We Explore Logan Paul’s Apology Video

Is this a genuine attempt at redemption or just a savvy PR move?
By Alejandra Moedano

  • Logan Paul is back with a new video called Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow.

    The video features interviews with counselors and survivors of suicide attempts as Paul attempts to learn more about an issue he admitted to being woefully ignorant about only a few weeks ago. He also announced that he’s making a donation of $1 million dollars to suicide prevention efforts.

    The emotional core of the video is an interview with Kevin Hines, who attempted suicide in 2000 by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. This video could go a long way to rebuilding his image after his video from Japan’s Aokigahara Forest inspired an uproar on social media.

    Casey Neistat said —

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  • Some, however, are not convinced Logan Paul has turned over a new leaf. YouTube star Keemstar posted a poll asking for opinions on the new video, with the options being — “Great video he’s learning,” and “Sad PR attempt BAD.”

    Actor Jimmy Wong was even harsher, arguing that Paul is attempting a quick fix on a serious issue. He called the new video “a precisely formed and deliberately manipulative piece of content from your PR machine to show us you care.”

    Earlier in the week, Jake Paul finally broke his silence, releasing his first public statement about the controversy surrounding his brother. Watch his response below.

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  • But this response, over three weeks after the initial Logan scandal, and slapped at the end of 13-minute video, may not help the Paul brothers that much. Ultimately, it will be up to Logan Paul’s fans whether to keep supporting him. Do you think Logan Paul’s new video is a genuine attempt at redemption? Let us know in the comments.

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