Teen Boy Brutally Beaten Over $10

17-year-old Jared was brutally beaten by his "friends" because he owed one of them $10.
By Alejandra Moedano

  • A 17-year-old California boy named Jared was brutally beaten by his “friends” because he owed one of them $10. They were all just minding their own business playing videos games, then things got weird.

    Two of the friends pinned Jared down while the other friend began punching him. Jared sustained fractures in his cheek, orbital, nose, as well as hematoma on the right side of his brain, and four broken teeth. It’s possible he could lose vision in his left eye. They also stole his wallet and headphones.

    According to a GoFundMe page set up on Jared’s behalf, he knew his attacker’s well. The page reads — “These guys were Jared’s ‘friends’ all through his high school years. Have spent many nights in our household, and shared many family meals with us…. Never in our life would we have expected this from any of them.”

    A few of the details of this crime, however, are tough to piece together. Jared’s parents told KTLA that they found him on the sidewalk, but on the GoFundMe page Jared’s sister writes that her and her boyfriend discovered him. Then, there’s the matter of how many people were at the house where the beating took place. Some reports indicate that Jared was playing video games with three of his friends, but Jared’s father later said that 11 people stood by and watched. Big party, or bad journalism?

    As of now, Jared’s GoFundMe page has raised about $1,200 for his medical expenses.

    What do you think? Did they really beat Jared up over $10, or is there something else going on? Let us know in the comments.

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