Kendrick Lamar, Kesha, and Hillary Clinton Reading From “Fire and Fury” Keep the Grammys Incredible

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  • Kendrick Lamar is what we in the world of words call a “rap virtuoso” — nice, plain and simple. Like any true virtuoso, however, it’s not enough for him to be extremely mind meltingly good — he has to continue to increase the temperature with which it takes to melt a mind. You know — keep getting better. His recent performance on the Grammys was a lot — with special guests U2 and Dave Chapelle giving quick asides as unbelievable acts of pure choreography roll across the screen. Check out his performance above.

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  • Here Kesha sang seemingly about the harrowing process which kept her tied to Dr. Luke as her producer or else her career would be inexistent. Her rendition of “Praying” — about how she got stronger through having to go through this hell — rocked the room and kept it in tears as the vulnerability and beauty of her experiences shown through. it absolutely has to be seen.

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  • Lastly, James Corden had an incredible bit where celebrities including Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled and Hillary Clinton read from Donald Trump’s Fire and Fury. In the end Hillary gets the part (which would be so cool in real life), but honestly — can Cardi B read every book in the English language trills and all? It’s amazing.

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