Tom Hanks Set to Play Mr. Rogers in Biopic

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  • In his ongoing attempt to completely win over your dad — star of Sully, The Post, and Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks, has been cast to portray Fred Rogers, aka Mr. Rogers, the beloved and kind PBS children’s show host who began his career as a minister and often spoke out in Congress to protest funding for public broadcasting. The movie will be called You Are My Friend, and is about the friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. The journey involves Junod getting over his initial skepticism towards Rogers in covering him and understanding his sweeter point of view.

    The film is directed by Melanie Heller, whose incredible Diary of a Teenage Girl was easily one of the best films of the past ten years. Heck, rent it here if you want. With talent like that, this movie is bound to be more than a bit of a masterpiece, and with Tom Hanks at the forefront, the work of Melanie Heller is sure to be discovered.

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