New Kim Kardashian Perfume Comes in Smashable Chocolate Box

It's even packaged with a tiny little mallet!
By Alex Firer
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  • The internet is abuzz with the latest, incredibly cool Kim Kardashian stunt — putting her new perfume in the kind of package that perfectly embodies the Kim Kardashian brand of audaciousness, class, kindness and humor — a chocolate heart that you smash open with a little mallet. The mallet is embodied with her initials — KWW (Kim Kardashian West, friends) — and inside you find a bottle of her latest perfume.

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  • They’re part of the “Kimoji Heart Fragrance” collection and, unfortunately, are only in these chocolate boxes for the press, but fear not. The actual bottles are really cute just on their own. The three perfumes come in three odours (fancy way of saying smells), according to Us Magazine are — Bae, BFF, and Ride or Die. BFF smells like wild berries and crisp apple pie with hints of rose petals and pear blossoms. Bae smells like mandarin, kiwi, jasmine sambac, vanilla, sandalwood and gardenia blossom, while Ride or Die smells like blackberry, plum, night blooming jasmine, caramel, and tonka bean. So, don’t forget to get your loved one the stinky heart that best represents your relationship to them, okay?

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