Man Dies 23 Days After Winning $1M Lottery Prize

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  • So much in the American myth on wealth exists in the idea that even though you’re poor and suffering now, someday you will be healthy and rich and all of that will be worth something. A sad reflection of how flawed that thinking comes in this tragic story of a man who died twenty-three days after winning one million dollars on a scratcher ticket.

    In Queens, New York, 51-year-old Donald Savanto scratched off New York’s “Merry Millionaire” game and won the one million dollars. When asked what he would do with the money, Donald said: “This is going change our lives, to tell you the truth” and that — ”I’m probably going to go get a new truck and I don’t know probably go on vacation.” Unfortunately, before he won the lottery he was not insured, and thus avoided visits to the doctor. When he did, the doctor told him he had stage four brain and lung cancer, and only had a few weeks to live.

    Donald passed away twenty-three days later. It is a tragedy and our thoughts are with the family.

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