Fiona the Hippo Tries to Guess Who Will Win the Super Bowl

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  • Almighty, Fiona. Thank you for your adorable wisdom.

    Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and if you are a gambling man, there’s a lot to consider. Which team has the greater offense, which team’s defense makes it difficult to score, and which team does Fiona, the baby hippo (who lives in the Cincinnati Zoo) think is going to win?

    Two boxes were placed in front of Fiona — one with the Eagles logo and one with the Patriots logo. Each one had lettuce in it and friends — Baby Fiona loves lettuce! So, the hippo approached the boxes with the fate of the sporting world in her hands. Which will she choose? The ever problematic, but damn it they’re from my hometown Patriots, or the Eagles whose fans are in a constant Wile E Coyote style battle with the Philly police department as they climb up Crisco smeared poles?

    Folks, Fiona ate the lettuce in the Eagles box. If the decisions of a hippo, to whom these teams are literally incomprehensible and very hard to differentiate because she ingests no media, is enough to get you to change your bets, then please my friends — change your bets toot suite! As for the rest of us — we just love Fiona!

    What do you think of Fiona’s Super Bowl prediction? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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