Sassy Cheerleader Takes Over Internet

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  • On January 16, the Cheer Extreme YouTube channel posted a video called “Senior Elite SOH 2018 Backstage, Performance & Awards.” The video is from the Spirit of Hope National Championship, a cheer competition that took place at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina. There’s nothing really out of the ordinary about the video, but one specific moment from a cheerleader has already become a national phenomenon.

  • That same day, @SEtotheleft tweeted Ryan’s timeless expression with the caption “Big Mood.” It got over 77,000 retweets and 165,000 likes, and that one five-second clip has been viewed over 40 million times. But, it was a few days before it took off as a full-blown meme.

    Know Your Meme is calling it the “Smug Cheerleader,” but Buzzfeed is calling the meme the “Sassy Cheerleader.”

    If you’re curious, the terms are neck-and-neck in Google searches at the moment. Johnny and Angie Tilley, the videographers who captured the now timeless moment, have picked up some new fans and seem pretty stoked that their work has gone viral. Ryan has also been pleasantly surprised by the response. She told Buzzfeed, “When I made that face, I was just thinking, I really want my team to kill it.”

    As for her future viral aspirations, she told Buzzfeed she wants to be on Ellen. Something tells me she won’t have to wait very long.

    What do you guys think? Have you ever felt like this sassy cheerleader? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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