Natalie Portman Raps and Romances an Alien’s Butt in SNL Sketch

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  • Natalie Portman’s last SNL appearance was a genuine legendary turn, with her now classic video where she gives an epic rap about all the various acts of debauchery and crimes that she has committed. As the rap memorably proclaims — “Whatcha want Natalie? To drink and fight! Whacha need Natalie? To fuck all night.” So SNL, knowing a good thing when it has it, brought Natalie Portman and even Andy Samberg in a Viking costume back for one more rap where a hapless Beck Bennett takes the reigns from Chris Parnell in order to again give Natalie Portman another chance to tell him how she’s still a bad ass and drowned the doctor when her water broke. It’s very fun! Check it out below.

  • Another stand out Natalie Portman sketch? One where Natalie Portman, as a Star Trek style captain, tries to romance an alien only to discover that the alien’s face is his butt and his butt is his face. What moves forward is a beautiful melodramatic scene that involves Natalie Portman trying to find a connection with a butt reliving its anxious and stressful life. It’s fun. I liked it. What else does an SNL sketch need other than that? What’s that… TWO butts?!

  • Also grabbing headlines — a sketch where Millie Bobby Brown’s doppleganger, Natalie Portman, plays Millie Bobby Brown’s character Eleven where we see the weird powers of her fellow experiments. Fun, good stuff that involves someone farting when they read minds.

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