Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s “All the Stars” Is a Visual Masterpiece

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  • There are few things we can all get unequivocally behind — the upcoming Black Panther movie is one of those things. Kendrick Lamarr and SZA are another. Combine them together — my goodness, we have a masterpiece on our hands! We’ve already showcased the musical track, released earlier this year — but now we have the video, expertly directed by “Dave Meyers and the Lil Homies.” If you’ve heard that name before it’s because he served as the director for Kendrick Lamar’s past videos, including HUMBLE. and LOYALTY. He also directed that insane Swish Swish video Katy Perry released. Anyway, the visuals here are unbelievable.

    From the opening, where we see Kendrick Lamar float in on a sea of hands on a ship seems to echo some of the kind of spiritual, haunting visuals we can expect from the Black Panther movie. SZA resembles a religious idol beyond anything else, with Afrofuturist garb and visuals populating the video. The thing has to be seen to be believed, so I absolutely recommend you do that immediately.

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