Donald Trump Impersonator and Kim Jong Un Impersonator Kicked Out of Olympics

The potential of nuclear war has SOME fun elements, right?
By Alex Firer
  • I know we’re like — a few metaphorical minutes away from nuclear annihilation, but I do know one thing we can agree on — boy, the reasons we’re all close to endless nuclear war is pretty stupid! Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are always two figures ripe for parody, which is why two impersonators — one of Trump, one of Un — came to the Winter Olympics… together??

  • These guys drew a crowd and got a reaction! The very idea of these two terrifying human beings together at the Olympics was enough to turn heads — especially considering they were doing this in South Korea, where this year’s Olympics took place. Although, it wasn’t long before they were asked to leave. You know — before they cause an international incident or whatnot.

  • Although one Twitter user had the right idea… one Twitter user saw the true beauty… Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump were — GETTING ALONG?! Is peace far behind? It probably is. H’oh boy. This is going to be a crazy year. Still, this was a fun video, right? Right?!

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