Ellen DeGeneres Gets Justin Timberlake to Reconnect with Selfie Kid

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  • Much like so many before him — from Ken Bone to Cash Me Ousside Girl — #SelfieKid is going through his news cycle as a beloved meme. We first saw him at the Super Bowl this past weekend — when he took a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the halftime show, and then looked around on his phone for a little while. Well, the Internet adored it and one special thing about this human meme compared to the ones before him — he is completely sincere. This is just a kid who really really loves Justin Timberlake. A lot. How much? Well, when Ellen DeGeneres brought Justin Timberlake onto her show it caused the young Patriots fan to burst into tears!

    Justin Timberlake says some kind words to the young fan as he tries to keep his composure while talking to the superstar, and Ellen presents him with a special gift — some tickets to see Justin Timberlake when he performs in Massachusetts — where Ryan McKenna (aka #SelfieKid) lives. Selfie kid cries, and my heart is about to explode watching that much sincerity. Oh my gosh.

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