INTERVIEW: Casey Neistat Gets to the Heart of YouTube Corporate with Robert Kyncl

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  • The past year has seen a lot of drama and difficulty when it comes to understanding what YouTube is and how it connects to its creators. The ongoing drama of Logan Paul’s increasingly disturbing content — not to mention the continuing decline of PewDiePie — has thrown a pall over the relationship between YouTube and Creators. Luckily, Casey Neistat, fresh off of his tenure with CNN, is here to clear a few things up vis a vis the one format he’s excelled at— YouTube Video. Specifically, an interview with YouTube’s Head of Business — Robert Kyncl.

    The conversation is revealing — both as Robert discusses a variety of key issues. Casey begins by discussing the infamous Logan Paul Suicide Woods video, and of YouTube’s reaction to it. Asking Robert why it took so long for YouTube to officially deal with the video — with Robert saying that with any and all decisions they make, they do so knowing full well that a lot of these YouTubers hire full staffs for their work, so it isn’t only the creator who gets punished for this. Robert also discusses what they’re looking for — more female creators mainly, and they want to reward less drama and more interesting work. Robert goes into the tension between creators and the company, bad changes to the algorithm, and their need to improve communication. Watch the video above.

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