Jerry Seinfeld on “Seinfeld” Revival: ‘It’s Possible’

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  • A few years ago, a very odd question thrilled the Internet — what would Seinfeld be like today? The burning question birthed two Twitter accounts. The first is from Buzzfeed writer Jack Moore, and my friend Josh Gondelman — called @SeinfeldToday, aka, Modern Seinfeld. It imagined Seinfeld with a variety of modern (2012-2015) problems. It was then mocked by the popular-with-weirdos — @Seinfeld2000, or “Seinfeld Current Day.” Even Larry David got in on the fun with his Season 10 arc of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” involving a revival of the show. Well, now you no longer have to create your own semi-baked concepts or considerations of what the Seinfeld gang is up to — potentially.

    When going on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Seinfeld begins with a minute long bit about how now that he’s in his sixties he can finally say no to things. It’s a good bit — and it’s how you know he might mean the next thing he says! Ellen DeGeneres begins discussing all the reboots of 90’s sitcoms, and then proceeds to ask Seinfeld about the biggest revival of them all — is “Seinfeld” — that beloved 90’s show about nothing — returning?

    “It’s possible,” proclaims our jester of nihilism (oh geez, let’s try again) — “It’s possible,” says Seinfeld! Ah, it’s possible! Very different from the consistent no of the past! What do you think? will ‘Seinfeld’ return? Will George get an iPad? You think they’ll hire all those Twitter guys to write for it? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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