Teen Snowboarder Almost Oversleeps Through His Olympic Event, Wins Gold Anyway

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  • I really miss this about being a teenager — we could be dumb and awful as all hell, and it still seemed like life was ours, right? Like, look at Olympic snowboarder — 17-year-old Red Gerard! The night before his big event in slope style snowboarding, he stayed up late with fellow snowboarder Kyle Mack watching episodes of Brooklyn 99 on Netflix. After oversleeping and waking up to texts from his teammates asking him if he woke up, Red leaped out of bed, downed a quick protein-rich breakfast, borrowed his friend’s clothes when he couldn’t find his and — won the gold? Damn! I wish I had the snowboarding and sleepless resiliency of this guy!

    When he won, he even got a little bit of swearing onto NBC — which is every American’s dream — after exclaiming “Holy fuck!”

  • Red is the youngest person to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics since 1928 and I think the first one to tell the press about his his friends were shotgunning beers on their way to the event. The insane story even got the attention of Brooklyn 99 star Chelsea Peretti, who celebrated this teen’s wonderful taste — and the fact that he’s a cool teen!

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