Did This Time Traveler Really Pass a Polygraph Test?

“Noah” claims to be from the year 2030, and that he’s 50 years old. He has, however, "taken secret drugs" to bring him back to youth.
By Alex Firer

  • Here’s video of a man claiming to be from the year 2030… and he just passed a lie detector test.

  • The man, named “Noah,” first showed up on the channel Paranormal Elite in November 2017. He claims he is 50 years old but has “taken secret drugs” to bring him back to youth.

    He also says that time travel already exists — we just don’t know about it. He also gives us some potentially unsettling news from the not-so-distant future. For example, he says Donald Trump will win the 2020 election.

    And, as you’d expect, plenty of commenters showed up to dismiss Noah as a joke or hoax. Umar Faruque says: “If he’s from 2028, his real 2017 is still alive. And his current real self will probably the person who will understand him the most. In this case, the man from the future should have posted a video with his current self which he didn’t do.”

    In addition to believing that Trump will win the 2020 election, he predicts that many cancers will be cured, AI will have a significant presence in daily life, and that the U.S. president in 2030 is someone named Ilana Remikee.

    One thing they don’t ask Noah, which really bugs me, is if time travel follows Back to the Future rules or Twelve Monkeys rules. In Back to the Future you can go back in time and change things and then the future will be different — butterfly effect style — but in Twelve Monkeys, you can’t change anything — everything you’ve done has already happened.

    Of course, you can’t have a time travel movie unless you run into your other self at some point or another. So, Noah. Where is 2017 you?!

    What do you guys think? Is time travel real? Will you be voting for Ilana Remikee in the 2028 presidential election? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.