Incredibles 2 Movie Picks Up Where the Last Movie Ended

So, all you 2004 era Underminer fans... you're in for a treat!
By Alex Firer
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  • Pixar sequels are often a weird element in a company that prides itself on artistic success — but for every Cars 2, which has a scene where a car voiced by Larry the Cable guy pees oil on stage and becomes a spy, there’s Toy Story 2 and 3 — which explore the meaning of life and death through the lens of want and need, Finding Dory which is a beautiful film about living with mental illness, and Monsters U which I also like (but remember nothing of). Sorry, Monsters U! In any case, Pixar released the trailer for the upcoming Brad Bird directed Incredibles 2, which looks like it will absolutely belong in the latter category as it shows The Incredibles dealing with the patriarch Bob Parr having to be the one to take care of the family and a baby with increasing powers — much to his anxiety!

    The movie teases a pick up directly from the end of the original The Incredibles, with the John Ratzenberg voiced Underminer returning and then continues onward with everything we adored from the first film — retro settings, Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone and Edna Mode being very sassy! I’m excited about this, at least.

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