VIDEO: Clam Still Moving While on Top of Sushi

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  • Look, I know sushi is supposed to be raw, but I therefore declare this video to be just too much of all that — just too much! When Japanese Twitter user @shoumizo3446 went to Japanese Conveyer Belt place Sushiro, he was all set to enjoy a surf clam roll, when to his amused shock — the oyster began to move. Nope. Nope! I’m a pescatarian myself and am now reminded that buddy, that is not enough. You can watch the video above as people poke the poor oyster with chopsticks as it straight up rises up to survey the premises of the rice roll on a pan he is currently trapped on.

    According to Vice, there is now a debate online whether that damned sea creature is wiggling because it was prepared poorly or because it’s admirably fresh. I don’t know, and I side with the former! If you give me seafood that’s wiggling, I am DONE.

    Also, apparently the guy who uploaded that video ate it and thought it was good. Whatever you guys. I’m out. Go send this video to people you want to upset and I am OUT.

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