VIDEO: Audience Shown Fifty Shades Freed Instead of Black Panther Goes NUTS

Watching Fifty Shades Freed is NOT something T'Challa would stand for!
By Alex Firer
  • Black Panther is about to make a huge splash in theaters — bigger than many blockbusters that came before it — and audiences are palpably excited for this big premiere in a way they haven’t been in a very long time. So, you can imagine if say — your incredible Afrofuturist superhero movie is all of a sudden replaced with… oh, let’s say— problematic BDSM romance fluff? That’s exactly what happened in one theater which began screening Fifty Shades Freed instead of Black Panther and well — you can see the results for yourself.

  • I mean, this is absolutely the correct reaction to this kind of thing! The audience luckily ended up getting the right movie in the end, which is pretty good because I imagine the fight against Erik Killmonger was worth a lot more than Anastasia’s fight against not getting spanked? I don’t know what the movie is about, okay? Maybe it’s about that.

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