Woman Goes Through X-RAY CONVEYER BELT at Airport

Lady, no! Come on.
By Alex Firer
  • Look, I get it. Whenever I go through the airport and put my wallet or my laptop down in one of those bins, I always get stressed out watching them go. What if someone takes them? What if I’m left laptopless because I kept these things out of my eyesight for a couple of minutes? But then I take a deep breath and know — the airport stinks, but you can just grab these things when they come out of the other side. One lady, at an airport in Dongguan, China did not take that necessary breath and went in through the x-ray machine with her bag. Her reasoning? She was nervous about leaving it alone.

    And I get that COMPLETELY, but what about all that radiation seeping into your bones, lady? You’re going to just absorb that all like it’s a small deal (the opposite of a big deal)? Lady, please! I beg of you — don’t do that again! Because if you do — as I have warned a few times before — if any of you do something ridiculous, I’ll be forced to write about it. Do you think I want to do that? Absolutely not. Come on, folks! Don’t go through x-ray machines. I beg of you!

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