The 5 Cutest Marriage Proposals Ever

Valentine's Day may be over, but love is still in the air!
By Alejandra Moedano

  • Sure — Valentine’s Day is over, but love is still in the air. Here are five adorable marriage proposals to warm your heart.

  • Number 5 — The “Double Pictionary” Proposal

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    Torio Monaco and Berkley Cade were in the middle of a game of Pictionary at Berkley’s parents house when they both proposed at the same time. So, how did this happen? Apparently, Berkely’s mom knew well in advance that both women were planning to propose. She told them both to wait for this game of Pictionary to do so. The families successfully kept the double proposal secret from both Tori and Berkley for months. Since this video was posted on the YouTube channel “Berkley Loves Tori,” a second video was posted on Valentine’s Day called “Our Lesbian Coming Out Video,” which features a sweet array of photos of the happy couple. Tori is already trying to parlay the video’s virality into an appearance on The Ellen Show.

  • Number 4 — The “Mulligan” Proposal

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    Jeffrey Agan, Jr. and his ex-wife Lynn Agan were divorced for three years. At family Christmas 2017, he presented her with a poem. By the time she got to the last line, he was on one knee, so nervous that his lower lip was trembling. I guess it’s not any easier the second time around. Take that, popular colloquialism! When Jeffrey re-popped the question, their eight kids and seven grandkids were in attendance. The video went viral after their son, one of I can only assume are many Jeff Agan, Jr’s, posted it to Twitter with the caption: “My parents were married for more than 20 years, divorced, fought a lot, went to work on themselves. Years later, they start dating and as of yesterday, this happened. Congrats Mom and Dad! True love always finds its way back around.”

  • Number 3 — The “Where We First Met” Proposal

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    In December 2013, Alex Klingenberg blindfolded his girlfriend Jessica Sime and brought her to the college cafeteria where they first met. He covered a table with stuff she loved: food from Noodles & Company, her favorite Starbucks drink, a poster of John Mayer, and Grumpy Cat. When she was suitably confused, he took off the blindfold and popped the question. Jessica and Alex have now been married for over 3 years!

  • Number 2 — The Splash Mountain Proposal

    Splash proposal

    Chris and his buddies carefully planned out this proposal, which required his girlfriend Lindsay to sit in the front of the log on Splash Mountain at Disneyland. According to reddit user JoeFamous (who was there), they hid the five signs in a backpack and passed them out just as they were going up the hill before the drop. The result is a perfectly executed proposal surprise, which Lindsay only noticed after the ride when you look at your picture. But, those photos are like $25 to buy, so I bet he just snapped a pic with his phone.

  • Number 1 — The Wicked Awesome Proposal

    When Massachusetts nurse Sandi Moniz walked with her coworkers, she thought they would be going outside for helipad training. And then she looked out the window. With the help of the hospital, her boyfriend, Andrew Campos, set up lights in the shape of a heart along with the words “Marry Me.” Once outside, she found Andrew waiting to make it official while a boombox blasted that one song from Twilight. Still no word as to whether or not Sandi ever received her helipad training.

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