Trump vs. The World: John Oliver Explores Trump’s TERRIBLE Effect on International Relations

Donald Trump is creating a POWER VACUUM in the world. Which country will step up? John Oliver explores.
By Alex Firer
  • It’s fun to remember a time when John Oliver refused to talk about Donald Trump even as the rest of the world treated this threat to our democracy currently rising in the polls as a big national joke. He would go on Colbert, and when asked about Donald Trump, he would sigh heavily and say he refuses to speak against it. Since then, his Trump segments have been incredibly powerful — from focusing on Trump the candidate, to Trump the grifter, to why building a wall is such a stupid idea. Now, John Oliver is back to explore what will maybe be one of the most lasting effects of the damage of Trump’s presidency — his absolutely blistering damage to our country’s relationships with the rest of the world.

    In Trump vs. The World, John Oliver explores some of the unseen damage and ramifications of the Trump presidency. He explores how countries openly mock the president with great laughter — which is obviously insane — and how even Vladimir Putin laughs at Trump’s close and weird relationship with Vladimir Putin. The worst part of it is that America’s retreat as a leader creates a power vacuum as to who can fill that void — and Germany and China are not satisfactory replacements.

    Then, John Oliver says that he loves America, and begs the world to realize that Trump does not represent us. Who does represent us? Why the New York Gay Men’s Chorus singing “All-Star” of course. Beautiful and wonderful people all.

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